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A makeup box, a clear cube, an acrylic makeup organizer - all ways to describe
our products, but we prefer to let the pictures do the talking.
The Cutie Cube By TwinLilies.

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Acrylic Makeup Organizers

All Acrylic Makeup Organizer USA Made in Tampa Florida

All of our organizers are made locally in our warehouse located in sunny
Tampa, Florida.


Why Our Organizers Are Better

July 28, 2014

A lot of customers have asked questions about our processes and materials, and what makes our products different from our competition. We hope this post addresses those questions and sheds some light on what we stand for.   100% USA Made Our competitors seem to prefer to have their organizers made in China because, well, it's cheaper. But at what cost? We do things differently. All of our organizers are made right here in sunny Florida out of materials bought... you guessed it, right here in sunny Florida. Because we make all of our organizers ourselves instead of sourcing to China we have direct oversight in production meaning every organizer is produced to our quality standards, not the quality standards of... Continue Reading →


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