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December 11, 2015


Ultimate Makeup and Jewelry Organizer + More | TwinLilies Cutie Cube

Guest Post by Courtney Sweets (http://www.courtneyssweets.com/2014/10/ultimate-makeup-and-jewelry-organizer-more-twinlilies-cutie-cube.html)


Looking for the Ultimate Make-Up and Beauty Organizer, what about something to store all your jewelry, or  somewhere to store all your essential oils or maybe you’re just looking to makeover your medicine cabinet?   I did all of the above with the TwinLilies Cutie Cube!

The Cutie Cube (Luxe) by TwinLilies

These beautiful acrylic makeup organizers are made for makeup and jewelry.  You can display all your stuff in a beautiful clear container with sliding drawers and beautiful jeweled handles.  The handles even come in different colors.  My favorite is obviously pumpkin!!  They have diamonds too!

Ultimate Makeup and Jewelry Organizer + More | TwinLilies Cutie Cube

What I really wanted to do in my cabinet was have more space for everything.  I had recently went to a store and purchased a bunch of bins and “organized everything.  Those bins took up 2 shelves and looked A-MESS.

The Cutie Cube (Luxe) by TwinLilies

The crazy part, I took all the stuff from said bins and put it all nice and neatly into my cutie cube.  It’s extremely customizable and you can put the dividers where you want.  In fact if you don’t even have to use some if you’d prefer.

Cutie Cube (Luxe) by TwinLilies

On the top I like to keep my every day items and jewelry.  It has hubby’s grandma’s rosaries, my mother’s leather bracelet, my watch and Kay’s snuza & levana movement monitors.

Second shelf is my concealer/coverups and bronzer.

Third has my make-up brushes, eye liners, lip gloss, blush, mascara and more.

Fourth comes all the our shaves and I even tossed my Earth Mama Angel Baby sample tea bags in there.

Fifth has all our contacts, band-aids, nail clippers and hair ties.

Sixth is my favorite and has all my young living essential oils!!

Ultimate Makeup and Jewelry Organizer + More | TwinLilies Cutie Cube

These organizers are made right here in the USA and extremely durable.  Kay yanked out one of the drawers while I was organizing it and it fell to the ground.  If that was glass it would have been everywhere.  Thankfully it survived without a single dent, scrape or scratch!   I like to keep it in the linen closet since Kay can reach up and I have a bunch of stuff in there.  One time she got to my makeup and it was about $100 in damage.. my poor bronzer never saw it coming.

My aunt works at Clinque and she is going to go GAGA when she see’s my TwinLilies Cutie Cube!  She still has a plastic organizer.  I think she definitely needs one of these for herself!  It’s for makeup and jewelry, but it really helped me store all my stuff so I think you could use it for whatever you like!

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