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Diamond Handles (Gold Base) | Cutie Cube (Luxe)

by: TwinLilies

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We Guarantee quality. Our products are all made by us, in our warehouse which allows us to oversee every step of production. We know you'll love our organizers. 

The Clear Diamond with Gold Base Handles are sure to impress. With a Gold base and a glowing translucence, they're the perfect compliment to to the clear acrylic design of our organizers. 

It's the perfect organizational solution for your sophisticated tastes. The see-thru acrylic design makes finding what you need to get ready both easy and convenient - saving you time and frustration. No more fumbling through drawers and rushing a botched makeup application. Once you've used one of our organizers you'll never want to go back.



We make each Cutie Cube out of only the best quality USA sourced cast acrylic material. Our organizers feature diamond cut edges for the cleanest look and are always 100% USA made. We make all of our organizers ourselves which allows us the strictest quality control and allows us to offer custom organizers by request. We also use 3/8" thick acrylic for the body of our organizer; this results in a truly luxurious look while proving extra resilience. That's twice as thick as our competitors! By purchasing our organizers you are supporting a local business.

  • 100% USA Made with USA sourced materials
  • Made of the best quality cast acrylic
  • Diamond-Cut Edges
  • Thickest acrylic on the market with 3/8" thick acrylic body
  • Multiple handle & size options
  • Custom options available upon request
  • 2-inch standard drawer height
  • Flip-Top drawer sits flush against back of organizer
  • Larger bottom drawer for diverse storage options
  • Dividers sold separately



Small (5-tiers, 12x11x11 inches) (3-inch bottom drawer)

Medium (6-tiers, 15x11x11 inches) (3.5-inch bottom drawer)

Large (7-tiers, 18x11x11 inches) (4-inch bottom drawer)



We pride ourselves on our custom service team. If you have any questions, please let us know. We typically respond within an hour. Contact us by email at Support@TwinLilies.com

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